Snehasish Mozumder & SOM

Innovative string virtuoso

Snehashish Mozumder

Jazz and North Indian Styles

Snehashish Mozumder is a innovative string virtuoso who expands the boundries of the mandolin. His hometown is Calcutta, and he is from a family of classical Indian musicians. He is an established recording artist and performer in Indian Classical lmusic. Here with his band SOM he teams up with some great New York jazz instrumentalists to produce a new synthesis that swings like jazz and floats like Indian music. It is a sound of great propulsive force; Snehasish Mozumder - double-neck mandolin, Nick Gianni - sax, flute; Vin Scialla - drums, percussion, Jason Lindner - piano, keys; Jason Hogue - bass, Bopa - percussion, Sameer Gupta - tabla. A joint release by Random Chance Records and Liftoff Records and Mandolin Classic.

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A track from the Random Chance Records release Snehasish Mozumder & SOM. A jazz/North Indian music fusion album. A master of classical Indian music, Mozumder plays a double necked mandolin of his own devising together with a solid group of NY jazz musicians, including percussionist Vin Scialla and keyboardist Jason Lindner.

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