Sam Lay

Pure unfettered Chicago Blues

I Get Evil

I Get Evil

"...I'll always have a soft spot for Sam Lay as he was the first "real deal" name Blues artist I produced. I've gone on to \vork with many great and legendary artists, but Sam and I have a real groove. I think you'll agree after hearing this album. It's got a great cast of musicians and this CD marks the first time on record Sam has accompanied himself on solo guitar. The Blues doesn't get any deeper than that. Sam is an artist who stays true to himself. What you hear here is basically what you'll hear in his live shows. Pure unfettered Chicago Blues. You don't hear many folks playin' it this real these days. Sam Lay is still the Shuflle Master!"


Sam Lay - lead vocals, drims, guitar on tracks 3,6,8,10
Fred James - guitar
Ken Smith - bass
Celia Ann Price - piano, organ

Sam Lay cover a John Lee Hooker composition in this track from his Random Chance Records album, I Get Evil. Sam Lay is a ground-breaking blues drummer. He was part of the Butterfield Blues Band and recorded with Bob Dylan.

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